Track cheating to its source.

with examind's digital fingerprint.

Someone, somewhere has found your questions and posted them online. With our new Digital Fingerprint, EXAMIND can help you know when content from one of your exams has been leaked, track it to a specific student, and give you the information you need to effeciently report the misconduct to your integrity office.

A fingerprint being scanned on a keypad.
Stop cheating at the root

How It Works


Use Dynamic Questions

When you use EXAMIND, you get access to our database of dynamic variables, which range from simple company name randomization to customizable subject-matter specific logic. Every variable you build into your questions decreases the likelihood that any two students will see exactly the same question.


Check EXAMIND for Leaks

In your personalized dashboard, EXAMIND will alert you if your content has possibly been leaked. Our platform regularly scans common websites like Quizlet, Chegg, and CourseHero so that you're aware of potential misconduct soon after it occurs.


Alert a Moderator

Just like you, we take cheating seriously. If you suspect that dynamic content has been leaked, you can let one of our moderators know. We'll verify the leak against our database of variable combinations, and if a unique match is found, we will generate a report for you that includes all of the relevant details.


Forward to the Integrity Office

The team at EXAMIND will work with you to ensure that reporting the identified misconduct is as easy as possible, so that you can go back to teaching. If you have a standardized report you need to fill out, you can share it with a moderator so that we can produce a report you simply need to forward to your integrity office.

Side view of a student thinking about how to answer a question

Immediate Results

During a recent test at Arizona State University, one student snuck a screenshot of an exam question they struggled to answer. When the question showed up on Chegg, the number of dynamic variables allowed our moderators to narrow the list of potential leakers down to a single student.

In just a few moments, our patent-pending technology determined the course, instructor, assessment, question number, and student ID of the individual leaker. As a result, we were able to create a report and alert the academic integrity office, without any additional work from the instructor.

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