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EXAMIND is a non-invasive alternative to online proctoring that is scientifically proven to reduce cheating.
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Great Exam Design Saves Time

Write, deliver, and grade exams 5x faster with dynamic questions.

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Your Questions Are Never Compromised on the Internet

Leverage EXAMIND's dynamic engine to create millions of exam variations and to make it harder for students to find your exam content online.

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Dynamic Questions
for every student
Make it difficult for students to find your questions online. EXAMIND personalizes every exam for each student to ensure that your questions are not easy to find on websites like Quizlet, Chegg and Course Hero.
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Question Tracking
for every instructor
Remove questions that are posted online. EXAMIND searches the internet for your questions, finds them, and has them removed for you.
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Digital Fingerprint
for every question
Identify students who post your questions online. EXAMIND leverages the unique variables within each dynamic question to create a digital fingerprint. If a question is posted online, we can trace it back to the student who posted your question.
Tactical Deterrent Icon
Tactical Deterrents
for every exam
Avoid invasive proctoring tools that negatively affect student performance. EXAMIND uses real-time and targeted anti-cheating strategies that only affect students who are taking inappropriate actions, such as taking screenshots, copying questions, and trying to print your exam.

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