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We combine teaching experience, modern pedagogy and technical innovation to help instructors save time and deliver authentic assessments for today's AI-driven world

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Our Story

Serial tech founders team up with academics

In 2021, two experienced tech entrepreneurs and one globally recognized academic united with a common goal - fix student assessment. Alongside a group of global advisors, they are transforming assessment in higher education with first-principles thinking and people-first innovation.

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Our Vision

Students shouldn't have to choose between honesty and good grades

We believe in a future where students can achieve academic excellence without compromise. We are creating solutions that empower students to succeed honestly and celebrate the integrity of their hard work.

Our Core Values

The core values that guide everything we do at EXAMIND AI

Your Experience over Our Experience

Put the human experience at the center of everything we do. Make things simple, accessible, and friendly.

Your Life is Your Choice

Everyone should live the life they want to live. Encourage others to be who they are, in life and at work.

We're Open and We're Honest

Create a transparent and honest environment, where challenging new perspectives are encouraged.

Our Word is Our Bond

We believe in integrity, striving to consistently fulfill our commitments and inspire others to do the same.

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