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Assessment Delivery

Reduce the number of panic emails from your students with a no-installation solution that works online and offline

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Assessment Delivery

Eliminate student issues on exam day

Every assessment delivered with confidence and no support issues - that's our goal for every instructor and testing centre. This is how we get you there.

No Installation
Works Online/Offline
Live Dashboard
Real-time Warnings
Digital Fingerprints
AI Ready Questions
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No Installation Required

Simplify Your Rollout

Simplify your logistics with a browser-based program that is easy to scale to all your students. Stop worrying if all your students have installed and tested their computers with your system. Use EXAMIND as a standalone web application or launch a connection directly inside your LMS.

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Supports All Major Browsers
Works With Your LMS
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Works Online/Offline

Save Progress Instantly

Deliver with confidence and eliminate worries about internet connectivity issues affecting a student's performance. Allow them to "get in the zone" with a seamless, uninterrupted experience that saves in real time and works offline, so no progress is ever missed.

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Live View Dashboard

Real-time Control

Schedule your assessments asynchronously or synchronously, at the student, section or course level. Intervene in real-time with increased visibility and control over every students assessments.

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Real-time Warnings

Non-invasive Integrity

Leverage modern pedagogy and non-invasive methods to maintain academic integrity. Stop students from cheating the moment it happens. Our real-time middle warnings only interact with students engaged in cheating behavior and are based on published, peer-reviewed evidence for effectiveness.

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Digital Fingerprints

Your Solution to Leaked Content

It doesn't matter if a student takes a picture, attempts a screenshot, or writes it down. Dynamic Questions embed identifiers into every question variant delivered, creating a powerful force against leaking your content online. Students can't hide behind fake usernames or IP addresses and will get caught if they leak any part of your assessment.

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Maintains Student Privacy
Patent Pending Technology
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AI-Ready Questions

The Visibility You Need for Today

Detect AI-generated content in student assignments. See how your students are using AI with the level of granularity you've always wanted. EXAMIND shows you each student's prompt history and displays exactly where in their process AI-generated text was taken or paraphrased.

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Assessment Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

Which browsers do you support?

We support the two most-recent major releases of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari (on a rolling basis).

Where can I learn more about middle warnings pedagogy?

Dr. Jinyan Fan has been producing a body of knowledge around the topic of Middle Warnings, with publications in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

What is EXAMIND?

EXAMIND is a web-based platform designed from the ground up to make exam design and delivery a more effective and efficient process for professors and students alike. Using the power of artificial intelligence and the expertise of our world class team of academics, designers, and developers, EXAMIND can help professional educators like you save time and reinvest in the areas of your career that matter most.

Which LMS integrations do you support?

We support LMS integrations with Canvas, Moodle, D2L Brightspace and Blackboard through LTI deep linking. For an updated list of supported features, please book a demo.

How do you handle disruptions (eg. fire alarms during an exam)

Disruptions are simple with our Live View Dashboard. You can pause all the exams, which will freeze the time remaining and temporarily remove access for selected students. Then resume whenever you are ready.

How accurate Is your AI-detection system?

Our approach captures a student's process of creation during their assessment, which enables us to display exactly how the student used AI throughout their assessment with 100% accuracy. Work completed outside of the system is not captured. Institutions finding success allow AI with a "show your work" policy.

Is your software accessibility compliant?

Our software is accessible to everyone and follows the guidelines set out by WCAG 2.1 Level AA. You can request a copy of our most recent VPAT by contacting us here.

Does your software meet our privacy and security requirements?

Our software follows the guidelines for higher education set by EDUCAUSE. You can request a copy of our most recent HECVAT by contacting us here.

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