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Gonzalo Tudela

Gonzalo Tudela is a serial entrepreneur and executive with a passion for strategy and leadership. Gonzalo has founded 1 company and co-founded 2 others - 1 has been acquired and 2 are still operating.

Gonzalo began his career in the snowboarding industry as a professional photographer for Nike, K2, Ride, Atomic, and a number of magazines all over the world. After an avalanche changed his life, he began helping public companies in junior mining with investor relations during the fastest rise in gold prices in modern history.

But Gonzalo is a true entrepreneur at heart. He felt gold was peaking in 2011, cashed out his investments and travelled the world for 18 months. While he was travelling with a backpack, he and a friend restructured a struggling art gallery in Barcelona, which has now expanded to 3 more locations.

Gonzalo returned to Canada and co-founded a company dedicated to mining productivity and safety. After 4 successful rounds of funding, the company was acquired by an undisclosed buyer. Gonzalo often looks back at the 5 years spent leading Vandrico Solutions as "the toughest lessons I've ever had to learn in business". Shortly after being acquired, Gonzalo took a break to help his wife's family business modernize and rebrand.

On a personal level, Gonzalo is a loving husband. He currently supports his wife in Spain, who is completing her MBA. After the pandemic, Gonzalo can't wait to get back to snowboarding and enjoying his favorite sports.


Bachelor in Business Administration - International Business, 2012
Capilano University

CFA Level III Candidate