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We help instructors deliver great assessments while cutting their workload by 80%. Students love us because our friendly design reduces anxiety and cheating without feeling invasive.

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Great Exam Design Saves Time

Write, deliver, and grade exams 5x faster with dynamic questions.

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Congratulations! You found an Easter Egg. We put this here for all you code ninjas out there. We're hiring! Send me an email codeninjas@examind.io. Bonus points if you can figure out why we put this text here. I'll give you a hint - it's related to a 'hugging' problem.

Making Dynamic Questions Simple

Digital Fingerprints & Tracking

Are you struggling to stop students from posting your exam questions online?

EXAMIND Digital Fingerprints

All the variables generated in a question are combined to create a unique identifier. It doesn't matter if students take a picture, save a screenshot, or write it down. The identifier is embedded into every question, allowing us to pinpoint the source of your compromised content online and to remove it.

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Tactical Deterrents

Are students telling you online proctoring software is too invasive?

Stop students from cheating the moment it happens with real-time, targeted tactical deterrents. Tactical deterrents only interact with students engaged in cheating behavior. Our approach is not only more effective in reducing cheating but is also non-invasive and saves instructors time. There is no need to review countless "flagged incident reports" from your online proctoring software.

World-class Software

Built on a Strong Foundation

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Online and Offline

EXAMIND saves your student's exam progress in real-time, both online and offline, for those annoying times when the internet just stops working.
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Real-time Everything

Never worry about saving or losing your work again. EXAMIND uses a real-time database to ensure everything is synced to the cloud the moment it is created.
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Accessible for All

Take pride in exams that are inclusive for all students. From a colourblind-friendly User Interface to a font specific for dyslexia, EXAMIND's user interface is built for everyone.
Random Variables Icon

Random by Design

EXAMIND is built for randomization. Our engineers are working tirelessly to ensure that your randomized questions are equally fair to all students.
Question Type Icon

Every Question Type

There is no limit to customizing your questions. Unleash your creativity and design questions in any format.
Digital Tracking Icon

Digital Tracking

Protect your intellectual property. EXAMIND can search the internet for your questions, find them, and have them removed for you.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dynamic Question?

A Dynamic Question is a question that changes for every student. It's kind of like a formula, but with way more flexibility. You can randomize numbers, formulas, words, phrases, data graphs and anything else you can think of. You can also set up any rule you want and tie those rules to your answers. The variables, rules, and answers within a Dynamic Question are all in your control.

Can I write short answer questions with EXAMIND?

Yes! EXAMIND supports all question types, including short answer questions. You can leverage our Dynamic Engine to create simple randomization that is easy to mark or add all the complexity you can think of. The sky’s the limit.

Can I import my old questions from Canvas or Blackboard?

Yes, we can assist you in getting your old questions imported into EXAMIND. Schedule a demo and we can discuss our process and how it can be tailored to your needs.

Does EXAMIND integrate with my Learning Management System (LMS)?

There are a variety of Learning Management Systems to choose from. We support LMS integration for enterprise licenses.

Does EXAMIND comply with privacy laws and regulation?

We do our best to comply with FERPA, FIPPA and GDPR regulations. We created tactical deterrents because we value student privacy and believe invasive proctoring is causing more harm than good. We use the term "tactical" because each deterrent is carefully thought through, debated with psychologists, and planned in extreme detail. Our goal is to have no negative interferences with a student's assessment experience.

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