Our Purpose

Eliminate exam and grading anxiety for students, instructors, and administrators.

What We Believe

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When you are as obsessed with user experience as we are, you start to see the world differently. There is one thing that really stood out to us - exam platforms are failing students, instructors, and administrators all over the world.

No one is happy with online exams and we are here to fix that.

Our Values

We live and breathe our four core values.

Your Experience Over Our Experience

We believe in putting the human experience at the center of everything we do. This means making things simple, accessible, and friendly. Sometimes, it means more work for us. But that's ok, because the right way isn't always the easy way.

Your Life is Your Choice

We believe everyone should live the life they want to live. We encourage others to be who they are, in life and at work. This means we support each other in wherever life leads us, even if they're no longer a part of the team. No one should ever feel like they have to hide their true self.

We're Open and We're Honest

We believe in creating a place of transparent, open, and honest debate. We see being transparent and open as a willingness to accept ideas that are outside your comfort zone. We see honest as having the courage to speak your truth. When we put these traits together, we sow the seeds for personal growth.

Our Word is Our Bond

We believe that our character is more important than our reputation. It shouldn't be hard to do what you said you were going to do. So we try to be the example that leads others to live and work with high integrity.

Our People

We build friendly software that people love to use.

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Gonzalo Tudela

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Brad Skousen, PhD, CPA

Chief Academic Officer
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Johnny Oshika

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Our Approach

We focus on eliminating the cheating advantage, instead of just cheating acts.

Student Experience Matters

It all starts with the student experience. We want to put students in the best possible frame of mind for learning retention and exam performance.

EXAMIND Student Portal - Start Exam

After consulting with professional psychologists on how to approach this challenge, we realized the significant and long-term consequences of today's online proctoring software. Not only does online proctoring have a negative effect on mental health, online proctoring still doesn't solve the problem.

Students will always find a way to cheat if there is an advantage to be gained from cheating.

Students who find ways to cheat gain an advantage over other students. With that in mind, we take a novel approach to exam software - we remove the advantage of cheating and use real-time tactical deterrents to affect only those whom are actively trying to cheat. This switches the incentive structure to reward students who study hard and don't participate in cheating activities.

Instructor Time is Valuable

Next, we recognize that instructors hate exams too. Almost every instructor that we spoke to told us that creating and grading exams is the worst part of their job.

We want to remove barriers for instructors so they can focus on what matters most to them - academic research and/or quality teaching (depending who you are).

After consulting with professors all over the world about online proctoring software, we realized that no one wants to review the countless videos of flagged potential cheating incidents. Moreover, no one wants to spend hours creating a case to take to their ethics committee, only to be drawn into an even lengthier review process that could end up in a law suit.

Instructors don't want to police their students because it's a waste of their valuable time.

Our approach is to develop technology that greatly accelerates the process of writing and grading exams. We use artificial intelligence and simple interfaces so instructors can leverage the power of dynamic questions.

We take a normal question and turn it into thousands of permutations by changing a number of identified variables within the question. When combined with 20-30 other questions to create an exam, this produces millions of permutations of the same exam, providing each student with their own unique version.

This lets instructors write questions that don't need to be rewritten every semester.