Utah State University - Department Head in Accounting Testimonial

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EXAMIND Customer Testimonial

Chris Skousen - Professor & Department Head in Accounting at Utah State University

Chris Skousen, PhD
"Before using EXAMIND I thought what I was doing was enough to curb cheating but I was wrong. Now that I am using EXAMIND my exam integrity has improved and so has student satisfaction."

Why Did You Adopt EXAMIND?

When I first learned about EXAMIND and their approach towards academic integrity I was impressed, but I thought to myself that what I was already doing at the time was sufficient. I used questions pools and randomization techniques extensively in our university's LMS. I believed that those practices were sufficient to maintain academic integrity. It wasn't until I learned that my exam questions were all available on the internet did I realize that my previous approach wasn't working.

How Did You Learn Your Content Was Compromised or Leaked? 

I had some inclinations based on exam distributions over the last several semesters but it wasn't until I was meeting with a student one on one that I found out. In short, I asked a student why he was performing so well in some areas of the class but not in others. The student was straightforward and said that my exam questions were all online so he didn't study because he could just look up the answers. Consequently, the student was never really understanding the course material. This was a real eye opener for me. It made me realize that not only did I need to change my approach but also that student outcomes were negatively affected by having access to compromised content.

"When our content is compromised and students find it, we don't accurately assess a student's knowledge."

Have You Ever Considered Using Webcam-based Proctoring or Lockdown Browsers?

I have used those products in the past but in my experience they lead to a very negative student experience. Exams are stressful enough and proctoring tools, in my experience, seem to make the student experience worse. For that reason, I have tried to ensure academic integrity in my exams through better assessment design. I realize now that the tools I have used in the past are not sufficient. That is why I have been so happy with EXAMIND. I feel that I have the tools necessary to ensure exam integrity while creating a positive student experience.

"In my opinion, EXAMIND's approach is the future and the only way to combat leaked content while maintaining a positive testing environment."

What Value Have You Received by Using EXAMIND?

 Other than the increased level of academic integrity, the two main points of value I have received so far include:

  • EXAMIND saves me a lot of time!  EXAMIND converted my exam questions into dynamic questions. Now I don't have to think about or invest the time to re-write questions each semester to ensure exam integrity.
  • Student feedback has been very positive! My students really appreciate the user experience and non-invasive testing experience compared to other proctoring solutions.

Overall, I have been extremely happy with EXAMIND and look forward to using their product and services going forward. It is the best solution for both faculty and students.

n EXAMIND can cut your assessment workload by 80%
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